Ecological Humic Acid and Flowering

Ácido Húmico Ecológico

HigreenOne®, bet for effective and economical contribution to soil organic matter. Liquid humic acids extracted from Leonardite and Humus, Phyto-stimulating two substances rich in macro and micronutrients.


HigreenOne® applied directly on the substrate:

Humic Acid HigreenOne® is indicated for all types of soils:

  • Under conditions of substrate or highly alkaline water, is suitable for its high cation exchange capacity.
  • On sandy soils, water retention increase and decrease nutrient leaching.
  • In clay soils highlights the formation of clay-humus complex increases soil permeability and oxygen diffusion.

HigreenOne® foliar application:

It is quite remarkable the effect of our product in your application directly on the leaves. On the one hand, humic acids increase the permeability of the cell membrane in sheet, which increases the penetration of nutrients within the leaf cells.

They are also incorporated into the nutrient solution several nutrients foliar treatment, highlighting potassium, Hierro the boro, crucial for optimal development of the fruit.

HigreenOne humic acid® AND ITS BENEFITS :

  • Physical.
  • Chemical.
  • Biological.

    fertilizante ecológico

    Ecological HiGreenOne Humic Acid 1L


  • Represents in loose, sandy soils; breaks up the heavy clay.
  • Da dark down, usually more fertile.
  • Increases water retention capacity.
  • Avoid regulating erosion and improving water infiltration.


  • Raise the cation exchange capacity of the soil.
  • Promoting the availability and absorption of nutrients for plants


  • Important source of carbon for soil microorganisms.
  • Increased protection against pathogens, either via foliar and root, because it stimulates the development and growth of microorganisms symbionts (humic acids being their food).
  • Promotes and enhances the normal development of soil food webs.
  • Augments and accelerates the germination.
  • Increases and strengthens the growth.
  • Stimulates root development stems and rhizomes.


  • General acceleration of plant development evenly, with small distance intermodal at the low percentage of nitrogen Product
  • Formation of fruits evenly, in large quantity, caliber and high ranking in sugars, if oil yield olive.
  • Decrease the cancellation of nutritional deficiencies, especially chlorosis.
  • Increased protection against pathogens, as both foliar and root stimulates microbial symbionts (Humic acids are his food).


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