humus de lombrizHumus
HiGreenOne Worm® Sound 100% Ecological.

To make your crops grow up healthy and productive needs floors rich in nutrients.

In Nature, microorganisms processed materials that make up the ground and thus provide food in the most optimal for plants assimilable.The Humus HiGreenOne® and multiplying acts by increasing the activity of these microorganisms as beneficial to increase crop quality, gardens and green spaces.

Multiple Benefitshúmus de lombriz

  • The vermicompost is quintessential manure, completely non-toxic to your vegetables and plants and excellent soil regenerator.
  • It's clean and soft to the touch and great bio-fermentation stability or alteration prevents keeping your primary properties.
  • It contains a high enzymatic and bacterial load which increases the solubility of nutrients, doing that can be immediately assimilated by root.
  • On the other hand, retains nutrients prevents these are washed by water irrigation, keeping for a longer time in soil.

HigreenOne® is careful to select the raw material and comply fully with the various stages of production, obtaining a totally pure compost, ecological and high quality, both for its richness in NPK (Nitrógeno, Fósforo, Potasio), its fine granulometry (pellets similar to coffee) and high percentage of organic matter that can retain moisture and release it when the plants need it.The vermicompost provides benefits in three areas: physical, Chemical and biological.


analitica humus


Physical Benefits:

  1. More porous soil.
  2. Improved soil management.
  3. Raises soil aeration.
  4. Increases the water holding capacity in the soil.
  5. Enhances seed germination and viability.
  6. Reduces soil erosion.

Chemical benefits

  1. Raises properties aeration.
  2. Chelate metal ions, under alkaline conditions.
  3. Rich in essential minerals and organic substances for plant growth.
  4. Retains soluble inorganic fertilizers in water in the root zones and forwards when needed.
  5. It has capacity very high ion exchange.
  6. Promotes converting a number of elements in assimilable forms by the plant.

Biological Benefits:

  1. Stimulates enzymes of plants

    Humus de lombriz 5L HGO

    Vermicompost 5L HiGreenOne

  2. It acts as a organic catalyst.
  3. Stimulates growth and proliferation of microorganisms necessary for the ground as well as algae and yeasts.
  4. Increases the breathing and formation root.
  5. Stimulates root growth especially in width.
  6. Increases membrane permeability plant, promoting the assimilation of nutrients.
  7. Raises the vitamin content plant.
  8. Eleva germination seed and viability.
  9. Stimulates plant growth to the accelerating cell division, elevating degree of development of the root system.
  10. The favors vermicompost formation
    , microorganisms responsible for root development speed.
  11. Involved in promoting various plant physiological processes such as sprouting, the
    bloom, maturity and leaf color, flowers and fruits.

    Humus de lombriz 20L HGO

    20L Vermicompost HiGreenOne

  12. Action antibiótica a positive impact on resistance of plants to pests and pathogens, also, plant to provide the full dose macro and micro nutrients, increases frost resistance.
  13. Decreases environmental impact produced by chemicals.
  14. Nutrient input makes decrease consumption Inorganic fertilizers.
  15. Built-in transplantation helps plants a shock reduction, differences of 50% and up to 70% with respect to which they are not incorporated humus, providing a frame good root development and little interference from the evil of the seedlings.