Our Company

HiGreenOne® is an innovator in the market for products and organic fertilizers.

The idea is born into a traditional family farmer, that part with the knowledge and experience of many years in the cultivation of plants and knowledge of their development.

HiGreenOne® ,company sustainable and environmentally friendly products, is indicated for each of the green spaces in need of a natural care, taking into account the essential components that mother earth provides us.

Our goal is to promote, develop care and pamper your plants and vegetables. We understand how essential the implicate philosophy, studying and understanding nature for plants in harmony to 100%, with optimum nutrients for plant growth, fruit trees, grounds, orchards, etc..

Therefore HiGreenOne ® dedicates its efforts to raise consumer awareness about environmental friendliness and sustainability of the ecosystem.

The key words of our company are: green, nature, harmony, growth, exuberance, fertility, freshness, stability, resistance.